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The Living Wage Program is an Ontario-wide program established by the Ontario Living Wage Network, now administered by United Way Niagara and funded through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative. 

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Living Wage Niagara

United Way Niagara is excited to host the Living Wage Program after nearly seven years of establishment in Niagara.

Niagara Prosperity Initiative

Funded by the Niagara Prosperity Initiative through Niagara Region, the Living Wage Program aims to address poverty through corporate social responsibility. Providing a living wage is an important policy lever that can help lift Niagara residents out of poverty and provide them with basic economic security and opportunities for social inclusion.


The Living Wage Program is an Ontario-wide program established by the Ontario Living Wage Network. It is a voluntary program that is designed to help businesses attract and retain employees, particularly for low-paying jobs. In 2015, the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network (NPRN) adopted the Living Wage Program, acting as the Champion organization for all things related to living wage in Niagara. Over seven years, and with the help of NPRN, 86 employers were certified as living wage employers.

In the fall of 2022, through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, United Way Niagara received a grant to continue and expand this work in Niagara. A full-time Living Wage Coordinator was brought on to expand this work through relationship building in the community, social marketing, education, and advocacy.

What Is A Living Wage

Living Wage Employers in Niagara

The list of Niagara Living Wage Employers is growing monthly and can be viewed by industry or on the interactive map. Are you on the list? 

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Living Wage Program Coordinator

Isha Dadhwal started her professional journey as a Program Coordinator at United Way Niagara, overseeing the Niagara Prosperity Initiative. She is now the Living Wage Niagara Program Coordinator.

About Isha Dadhwal

Isha, who was born and raised in Durham Region, has been residing in the Niagara Region for almost a decade. She moved to St. Catharines to study at Brock University where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Public Health and a Masters of Arts. With a strong background in strategic planning, and a focus on addressing the social determinants of health through a health equity lens, Isha is now working to implement, manage, grow and improve the Living Wage Niagara program.

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united way niagara logoSupporting the Niagara Region

United Way tackles local poverty by supporting the people impacted by it and the neighbourhoods they live in. This is done by building and strengthening a network of over 70 community agencies, focused on emerging issues and shifting to areas that need it most.  As Niagara Region recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic, the United Way is on the ground in every municipality across Niagara, ensuring friends and neighbours have the support and resources they need to not just survive, but thrive. This work is rooted in strategic leadership, local advocacy and cross-sectoral partnerships committed to building Niagara's social safety net. Through equitable and lasting solutions to urgent and ongoing challenges related to poverty, food insecurity, mental well-being and other social issues, United Way Niagara can make meaningful change.

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Isha Dadhwal, Living Wage Niagara Program Coordinator

  • It is important to us as an organization that our employees feel valued, that we are a company that they are proud to be a part of. Our employees are the backbone of our company and thus we are proud to call ourselves a Living Wage Employer.
    ~ Ben Audet, President, Ontario Concrete Raising Ltd.

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Become Certified As A Living Wage Employer

To learn more about the certification process, contact Isha Dadhwal, Living Wage Program Coordinator.

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