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  • Niagara's Living Wage is $19.80/hour. 

    The living wage reflects what earners in a household need to be paid, based on the actual cost of living and being included in a specific community.

    About What Is A Living Wage?

Welcome to Living Wage Niagara.

The real cost of living in Niagara.

A living wage is an evidence-based calculation that reflects what a worker needs to earn to cover the cost of living in their community. In Niagara, the living wage for 2022/23 was calculated at $19.80 per hour.

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What Is A Living Wage

Learn about the Living Wage and benefits to employers.

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About Living Wage Niagara

Meet the program coordinator & learn about Living Wage Niagara.  

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Benefits to Employers

  • used as a recruitment strategy for lower paying occupations

  • Improved reputation the business

  • Better relationships between management and staff

  • Decreased employee turnover and absenteeism

  • Increased retention and productivity

  • Savings on rehiring and retraining employees

What Is A Living Wage? Living Wage Employers

About Living Wage Niagara

United Way Niagara is excited to host the Living Wage Program after nearly seven years of establishment in Niagara.

Funded by the Niagara Prosperity Initiative through Niagara Region, the Living Wage Program aims to address poverty through corporate social responsibility. Providing a living wage is an important policy lever that can help lift Niagara residents out of poverty and provide them with basic economic security and opportunities for social inclusion.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • Our employees power Meridian’s purpose and we have a commitment to support their financial security and economic well-being. As a Certified Living Wage Employer, we are building resilience and wealth in the communities where we live and work
    ~ Jay-Ann Gilfoy, President & CEO, Meridian Credit Union

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Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage: What's the Difference?

Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage: What's the Difference?

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Minimum Wage Isn't Enough To Rent A One-bedroom Apartment

Minimum Wage Isn't Enough To Rent A One-bedroom Apartment

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New Living Wage Employers

New Living Wage Employers

Posted May 30th, 2023 in General

New Living Wage employers receive certificate from Isha Dadhwal,

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To learn more about the certification process, contact Isha Dadhwal, Living Wage Program Coordinator.

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