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A Living Wage Helps Build Better Relationships With Employees

Posted Jan 12th, 2023 in In the News


A living wage helps build better relationships with employees, say business owners.

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By Matthew P. Barker Standard Reporter Thu., Jan. 12, 2023, Photo Credit: BOB TYMCZYSZYN / TORSTAR

Business owners who offer a living wage are saying they are seeing better productivity, happier employees and better employee retention.

As the cost of living, interest rates and inflation continue to rise, people receiving a living wage can more easily afford the rising costs and have a little left over for a rainy day.

A living wage, according to proponents, helps to pay for the increasing costs of living, such as rent, food, toiletries, car insurance, a mobile phone, and amenities people living on the minimum wage might not be able to afford each month.

“A living wage is what a worker needs to earn per hour to make ends meet and participate in civic and cultural life,” said the living wage program coordinator with the United Way Niagara.

Currently in the Niagara Region the living wage is set at $19.80 per hour, but as costs continue to rise, Dadhwal expects the living wage to rise.

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To learn more about the certification process, contact Wendy Medeiros, Living Wage Program Coordinator.

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