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Minimum Wage Isn't Enough To Rent A One-bedroom Apartment

Posted Aug 15th, 2023 in In the News

Minimum Wage Isn't Enough To Rent A One-bedroom Apartment

At Living Wage Niagara, we found this article particularly disturbing. Pay attention to the chart outlining minimum wage versus rental pricing in Niagara. 

According to an article written by Vanessa Balintec - CBC News and a report by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, high rents in major cities mean those making minimum wage are at risk of becoming homeless, the report suggests.


A new report released Tuesday by Ottawa think-tank Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives suggests Orellana isn't alone. (see video in article)

Economists David Macdonald and Ricardo Tranjan, the report's authors, found that while minimum wages rose compared to the 2018 data in the centre's last report, they aren't rising as fast as rental rates.

Macdonald says this means many workers are spending too much on rent, while Tranjan says the high cost of rent can ultimately mean that people making minimum wage are at risk of becoming homeless.

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